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Empowering Women Through Oneness and Unity

Join us in creating a world where women stand together, celebrate their diversity, and uplift each other.

Women with Sparklers

Empowering Women Through
Gender Equality and Empowerment

At the Women's Oneness Project, we are dedicated to promoting gender equality and empowering women. Through our initiatives, we aim to create a world where every woman has equal opportunities and rights.

Mission Statement


We believe all women can embrace who they are, can define their future, and create positive change in the world.

We envision a world where every woman has the opportunity to lead a life filled with wisdom, unity, and purpose.

Transforming Lives Through Wisdom and Unity

At the Women's Oneness Project, we're committed to fostering unity and facilitating growth. Through wisdom teachings, Oracle Poetry, and our diverse initiatives, we guide women on their divine path, enabling them to heal themselves and become forces for healing in the world.


"Love yourself, and then loving your neighbor is easy."

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Workshops that Inspire and Educate

Our programs offer a safe and supportive environment for personal growth and community building. Look forward to engaging online workshops, rejuvenating retreats, and empowering women's circles tailored to foster meaningful connections and assist in the personal journeys of women across generations.

Community Outreach for Lasting Change

With a focus on intergenerational wisdom, we aim to direct lasting change by raising awareness, advocating for women's rights, and building strong support networks. Our outreach efforts focus on real, sustainable impacts, preparing us for exciting future developments in our programs.

Building Strong Support Networks

Connect with like-minded women, build lasting friendships, and expand your support network through our community-driven initiatives.


Legacy and Intergenerational Focus

Inspired by Carl Jung's vision of life's stages, we place a special emphasis on women over 50, encouraging them to share their wisdom and experiences, thereby enriching the lives of younger generations and creating a legacy of knowledge and empowerment.

Personal Growth

Meaningful Connections

Unlock your full potential and embrace personal growth through our empowering workshops and events.

Connect with like-minded women, build lasting friendships, and expand your support network.

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The Mandala Meditations

Mandala Meditation Book.png

Unlock the power of self-love and divine connection with this new book of 108 poems that bring clarity and calm to chaotic and confusing times.

With The Mandala Meditations, you can find the inner wisdom and spiritual transformation you need to thrive in life. Through poetic messages from a Divine source, this book can guide you on your journey of greater self awareness and recovery from past trauma as well as help you discover a mystical enjoyment of life.

Alexa Young, CA

“This project has changed my life. I am forever grateful.”

Join the Women's Oneness Project

Make a difference in the lives of women

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